​Motor oils - your business with AutoChemie Bitterfield GmbH

​Motor oils - your business with AutoChemie Bitterfield GmbH

For several years now, the company AutoChemie Bitterfield GmbH has been continuing its active operations and constantly developing on the territory of Germany.  Founded in 2008, the company has an impressive experience in producing high-quality lubricants.

We offer our products to anyone who is able to appreciate the high performance of motor oil and chooses the best for their vehicle. ACB lubricants belong to the highest class, so their use is a guarantee of effective, stable, and long-term engine operation in any conditions.

The excellent quality of ACB motor oil has earned the trust of many car enthusiasts around the world. After years of operation in the harshest and most extreme conditions, both road and climatic, its reliability and productivity are confirmed. Evaluate all the benefits of our products by choosing the optimal option for your car.

We offer a wide range of products, including options for any means of transportation, whether it be a passenger car, commercial transport, or special equipment. The versatility of our lubricants ensures their effective use for machines of various brands. In addition, using ACB products is advantageous due to the long interval before the next replacement. The unique composition of our products reliably protects the power unit from the negative effects of high temperatures and promotes quick starting even in the coldest weather.

Today, the company produces more than five hundred types of motor oils, antifreezes, and other auto chemicals. Each unit of goods is certified and manufactured according to world quality standards. Innovative technologies are used in combination with high-class equipment and proven raw materials during the production process. Thanks to a wide dealer network, our products are known in many countries.

Wholesale purchase of ACB motor oil provides obvious advantages, including: 

  • Favorable cost. 
  • No intermediaries. 
  • Quality guarantee. 
  • Information and advertising support. 
  • High profitability.