Private label

One of the main directions of our activity is the manufacture of Private Label products, carried out with the use of raw materials and package components manufactured ourselves and provided by customers. Our company offers to manufacture the following products under your brand on mutually beneficial conditions:

  • - motor oils;
  • - transmission oils;
  • - hydraulic oils;
  • - antifreezes;
  • - brake fluids;
  • - windshield washers and other chemicals for vehicles.

We offer a full production cycle: the development of a new trade mark (if necessary), design of labels, manufacture of packages of desired shapes and colors, design of products using high-quality raw materials and high-quality technologies.

Stages of the Private Label products manufacture

  • Briefing the product manufacture.  Discussing the product idea and quality with the customer, selecting the packaging.
  • Approving the schedule for the project.
  • Providing the customer with samples from the product portfolio, adapted basic or unique recipes created on the basis of the customer’s technical assignment.
  • Signing an agreement and protocol of disagreements.
  • Preparing documents.
  • Approving samples and packaging.
  • Purchasing and preparing raw materials and packaging for products packing.
  • Agreeing reference samples.
  • Manufacturing and delivering products to the customer’s warehouse.

We have been working in the Private Label field for more than 9 years, which allows us to provide our partners with a wide range of products. Cooperating with our company to launch your own brand, you get the production resource of one of the most dynamic enterprises in Europe, completed with a certified laboratory and world-class quality management system. If you manufacture products with AutoChemie Bitterfeld GmbH, you can be sure of their quality and safety.

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