Antifreeze concentrates and Private Label ready mix

Antifreeze concentrates and Private Label ready mix

Autochemie Bitterfeld GmbH offers a full cycle of antifreeze production at a high-tech automated plant. Manufacturing of Private Label products is one of the main areas of our activity.

We offer more than 50 brands of coolants:
- for all types of transport;
- for any temperature conditions and modes of operation;
- for autonomous heating systems.

Private Label with AutoChemie Bitterfeld GmbH includes product formula development, new brand creation, label design, packaging in desired shapes and colors.
Our company offers Private Label for the production of antifreeze concentrates and ready-to-use antifreezes with different freezing temperatures from 0°C to -120°C. Our team of specialists will manufacture coolants to your specifications under your brand name. We provide all the necessary advice on creating your own product line of auto fluids.

Experience in deliveries around the world.
100% production automation.
Guaranteed low price and high quality.
Flexibility - development of recipes for different climatic zones.
Packing starting from 1 pallet.

The company's specialists regularly develop and bring innovative products to the market. Our brands Silver Wheel, E-TEC, Frosbio are successful in many countries due to their impeccable quality and high consumer properties. AutoChemie Bitterfeld GmbH brands are products designed to provide maximum protection, performance and engine durability.

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