Sanitizers NANOSEPTOL provide a quick and forcible effect against a variety of potentially harmful microorganisms. During pandemic, it’s the sanitizer NANOSEPTOL that will be a real help for you on the street, in the elevator, in the store, in the drugstore, in any place where there is a need to touch foreign objects. As well, surface cleanser NANOSEPTOL will help you to be fully protected against pathogenic microorganisms. Using it, you can effectively disinfect any surface: wood, glass, plastic, metal, etc. A broad spectrum of action, safety for humans (if used correctly), convenient form, ease of use are main advantages of NANOSEPTOL brand products. Individual models are available in compact packaging of 225 ml and 330 ml, which are convenient to take outdoors, on trips in public transport or on vacation. For commercial use, large retail chains, for production or HoReCa, NANOSEPTOL is presented in large containers – 5-10 liters. On our website, you can order a large amount of hand sanitizer, which is needed in the office, store, any public place, as well as in a large family. You can buy hand sanitizers and surface cleansers at AutoChemie Bitterfeld GmbH. Our website presents products of different types in containers of different sizes.

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