Motor oil 0W-20 Vehicle Power FS
Motor oil 0W-20 Vehicle Power FS
  • 5L plast
  • 20L plast

Motor oil 0W-20 Vehicle Power FS

Special Icons:
  • Excellent cleaning and dispersing properties.
  • High stability to oxidation and ageing processes.
  • Preventing from deposit formation.
  • Excellent cold start performances.
  • Adapted to all exploitation modes.

Motor oil for gasoline and diesel engines of light vehicles, minibuses and trailers. Improved operational features promote engine efficiency and fuel economy. Complies with the latest environmental requirements for the emission of harmful substances. Minimizes fuel consumption, protects the engine from wear and corrosion. When using the oil, follow the recommendations of the vehicle manufacturer. It contains high-quality base oil, innovation highly effective additive package ensuring excellent protective properties. Thanks to the special Protect Shield technology, there is no deposit formation and the system is being cleaned.

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