Based on multi-year researches, AutoChemie Bitterfeld GmbH specialists made a serious step forward in the future of motor oils. The creation of the MiDEP additive set based on the discovery of the re-metallization effect at the company’s research center allows manufacturing currently new generation oils.

MiDEP high-tech molecule takes care of the motor, preventing its early wear. MiDEP molecules (molybdenum compounds, copper, tin and silver alloys) detect defects on the working surfaces of the motor and attach nearby. When the motor is in operation, MiDEP molecules accumulate thermal energy and direct it to create an additional layer in problematic and worn areas in the cylinder walls. This results in the normalized compression and eliminated loss of operating gases in the chamber.



The MiDEP set slows down the process of natural wear of the motor due to the formation of a self-recovery protection anti-friction layer on friction surfaces of metals. Metal atoms of the layer itself and components of the MiDEP set as part of the motor oil are dynamically balanced on this layer surface. This results in a closed cycle "wear-recovery", which allows implementing the principle of self-recovery mechanisms depending on the state of the motor. Thus, the MiDEP set has pronounced adaptive properties, which both allow the efficient use of the oil for vehicles with different mileage, and enables the use of the oil for vehicles with increased mileage.


The MiDEP set creates a protection layer that acts directly on the metal of the friction surfaces of parts. It is efficient even when the oil is insufficient. Films formed on the friction surfaces compensate for the physical wear of the motor parts and substantially increases its service life.
The MiDEP set contains components that prevent from the formation of harmful deposits on the walls of the working surfaces of the motor, which ensures the efficient and failure-free operation of the motor.

Economy, Power

By reducing friction losses, the fuel consumption is also reduced; this improves the acceleration dynamics, increases the motor efficiency, optimizes the compression, slows down the loss of operating gases in the combustion chamber, and reduces the oil burning.

To that end, the main advantages of E-TEC are as follows:

  • Mileage adaptation
  • Protection of motor parts (Defence)
  • Reduction of fuel consumption (Economy)
  • Increase of motor power (Power)

E-Tec motor oils ensure the excellent protection of the vehicle motor day after day!