The history of today's success of ACB started with the cooperation of a large European logistics company and a small chemical laboratory near Leipzig. The logistics company, in the nature of its activities, bought lots of petroleum, oil, lubricants, which samples were passed for testing to the laboratory. So, Biagio Bettera, the leading procurement specialist, and Herman Fisher, a research chemist acquainted in 2008. They had the idea of creating their own business for the sale of petroleum, oil, lubricants with improved properties, but at a more attractive price, so that the buyer could pay not for the brand, but for the high-quality product. Herman Fischer started developing additives that would help to prevent the wear of cooling and braking systems. Thanks to his meticulous work, several products appeared: multifunctional additive set of antifreezes composed of the optimally balanced combination of three groups of preventive agents, and an additive, which improves the brake fluid performance and allows increasing the efficiency in protecting metal parts against corrosion. The product test results were very good and the partners Fisher and Bettera decided to start commercial production of their invention. The searches of the manufacturer turned out to be long, but effective – in 2012, after a number of negotiations, Fisher and Bettera entered into a contract for the commercial production of their innovations with MWS AutoChemie GmbH. Following the first successful sales of the new products, MWS became interested in further cooperation and proposed Bettera and Fisher to develop the assortment and to monitor competitors.

In 2013, Bettera and Fisher founded the PIP – Privates Institut Produktbegutachtung, which goal is to conduct product researches for vehicles and to provide consumers with information on better products, and also to search ways to manufacture improved products at fair prices. The results of the conducted researches were passed to the representatives of the company, who based on them when developing new products or upgrading existing ones.

In 2013, at one of the international exhibitions, MWS AutoChemie GmbH established a business contact with the Ukrainian company – Cherkassy Autochemistry Plant Ltd – one of the largest manufacturers of motor oils and technical fluids for vehicles in Ukraine. At that time CAP Ltd. had already run export sales to more than 30 countries. In the framework of cooperation between the German and Ukrainian companies, CAP Ltd. started promoting in Ukraine motor oils, antifreezes and brake fluids under the trade mark E-TEC, which is well-known in Europe. In addition, MWS AutoChemie GmbH could start manufacturing trial lots of new products for its own purposes at the Ukrainian plant.

The cooperation proved to be mutually beneficial for both companies not only in production and trade fields. The companies exchanged their multi-year experience and knowledge in the field of technical fluids production and, now together, pursued the improvement. Many developments and tests were performed, and due to them, in 2014, a Glycsol additive set for E-TES antifreezes was developed.

In 2015, Bettera and Fischer decided to retire from business and sold PIP (Privates Institut Produktbegutachtung) to MWS AutoChemie GmbH. Since then, PIP became a full-fledged department for designs and innovations.

The same year, the top management of MWS AutoChemie GmbH and AutoChemie Bitterfeld GmbH met with an intermediary company at one of the business conferences. This business contact allowed MWS AutoChemie GmbH to expand its sales market to the territory of China, Taiwan, Canada and many other countries.

In March 2017, guided by the researches and recommendations of the new partner, MWS AutoChemie GmbH presents a new line of motor oils, supplemented by its innovative design – a MIDEP additive set.
Within a year, the companies represent themselves at exhibitions together.

In September 2017, based on the results of the strategic session in Leipzig, the top management of the company decided to join forces of AutoChemie Bitterfeld GmbH and MWS under the common name – AutoChemie. In its turn, CAP Ltd. becomes an associated member of AutoChemie Bitterfeld GmbH, but keeps its name.  Since then, 3 separated companies have become a common group pursuing the same goal – high-quality products at fair prices.