Antifreezes & Coolants

Frosbio antifreeze is a general-purpose coolant to be used in any cooling system of vehicles of various types and makes. Antifreezes are made on the basis of high-quality raw materials, using the latest European technologies. When developing the formula of antifreezes, the requirements of major global vehicle manufacturers for the composition and quality of coolants were also taken into account. Frosbio antifreezes are made with the addition of high-quality anti-corrosion, anti-cavitation and anti-foam additives of the last generation, which give the antifreeze a unique set of properties and guarantee the year-round protection of the cooling system against corrosion and high-temperature cavitation. Antifreezes prevent from overheating of the motor due to high boiling points. Additives as part of the antifreeze increase the service life of rubber components of the cooling system. Frosbio antifreezes have stable characteristics throughout the service life. Due to the improved heat transfer, an optimal temperature mode of the motor operation is achieved.