Our brands

AutoChemie Bitterfeld GmbH is a synonym of high technology, innovations, German quality and professional approach to the manufacture of lubricants, antifreezes and other chemicals for vehicles. Unique technologies allow manufacturing up-to-date products for various types of machinery and equipment.
Experience, highly skilled team, up-to-date equipment allow us to offer our customers products with the ideal ratio of price and quality. The products meet the requirements of international standards – API, SAE, ACEA.

“Excellence in form and content” – is a key slogan for premium brand Silver Wheel. It combines an innovative unique design and products that meet the latest requirements of vehicle manufacturers. Silver Wheel is associated with the wheel – one of the first inventions of the mankind. For many centuries, the main function of the wheel remains unchanged – to ensure freedom of movement. The Silver Wheel motor oil gives the driver one of the greatest today’s values – freedom of movement.