Antifreeze Ct11 Vehicle Power blue -38°С
Antifreeze Ct11 Vehicle Power blue -38°С
Antifreeze Ct11 Vehicle Power blue -38°С
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Antifreeze Ct11 Vehicle Power blue -38°С

  • Effective heat dissipation.
  • A 100% protection of metals against corrosion and cavitation.
  • Prevent local overheating and destruction of the cooling system rubber elements while maintaining their elasticity.
  • Effective motor protection even under high loads during the entire service life.

Premium antifreeze for all types of radiators and cooling systems for internal combustion engines of cars, trucks, tractors, buses, heavy machinery. Contains a multifunctional package of anti-corrosion, anti-cavitation, antifoam and lubricating additives. Perfectly protects against corrosion, overheating, provides optimal heat transfer.

BS 6580; ASTM D 1384; TL 774- C (VW); STN 66 8910, PN-C-4007:2000, ASTM D 3306, D 4985; SAE J1034; Porsche/VW/AUDI/Seat/Skoda TL 774 C, Mercedes DBL 7700, Ford ESD M97 B49-A, MAN 324 NF, GM US 6277 M, FORD WSS-M97B44-C, Chrysler MS 9176, BMW N 600 69.0, VOLVO (Reg. N 260), OPEL GM QL 130100, AFNOR NF R 15-601 Type 1; ÖNORM V 5123; JIS К 2234; UNE 26-361; AS 2108 CUNA NC 956-16.