AutoChemie Bitterfeld GmbH produces motor oils with a particular emphasis on protection against deposits and cylinder compression. Deposits on the engine upset the thermal balance, which can cause engine damage. This is why PSTechnology motor oils have been developed. Due to the special technology, no deposits form and the system is cleaned. PSTechnology is a unique development of the company, therefore its formula is a know-how. The technology allows you to provide professional protection of the engine regardless of modes and driving methods.

Vehicle Power® motor oil is an ultimate power of your car 

• Engine cleanliness. The oil removes low and high temperature deposits and prevents formation of new ones. 

• Oils for severe driving conditions: start-stop function, frequent short rides, unmade roads and dusty conditions. 

• Perfect protection against wear: no other motor oil ensures excellent protection against friction. 

• The oil operates with high efficiency throughout change interval. If you use Vehicle Power for the first time, this is the product which helps to wash away deposits and sludge from the engine.

The Vehicle Power® range includes motor oils for any application conditions: from used high-mileage vehicles to modern models with complex aftertreatment systems. Each product is designed to help your engine run smoothly and stay in top condition for as long as possible. In Vehicle Power oils, we have combined innovative technologies and classic German quality. Choosing Vehicle Power motor oils, you get reliable protection of your engine from premature wear.