Brake fluid additive.


The brake system of the vehicle is the most safety critical mechanism. For that reason, its performances are subject to special requirements. It is quite obvious that one of the most critical parameters of brake fluid reliability is its temperature properties and frost resistance. AutoChemie Bitterfeld GmbH brake fluids are of the highest quality: they are resistant to freezing, have low viscosity, sufficient anti-corrosion properties; their boiling point reaches 220 degrees.

AutoChemie Bitterfeld GmbH has improved the properties of its brake fluids by developing a highly efficient set of additives called "Revelin". The set of additives includes two types of innovative additives: first additives prevent from the brake fluid oxidation even under severe heating, and the other protect metal parts against corrosion.

5 reasons why it is worth using Revelin brake fluids:

  1. Special anti-corrosion additives prevent from corrosion of metal surfaces of operating elements, increase the lubricating properties and neutralize moisture penetrating the brake fluid.
  2. The oxidation process is reduced significantly, even at extremely high temperatures, i. e. the formation of decomposition products containing acids, which are harmful to the brake system.
  3. At critical temperatures, the brake fluid has the minimum impact on rubber components of the brake system, preventing from wear and swelling. Its keeps their elasticity, hereby protecting rubber glands against early wear.
  4. The set of additives protects the brake fluid against overheating and keeps its properties unchanged over a wide temperature range.
  5. Highly effective set also contains anti-foam and anti-cavitation additives and stabilizers. It does not contain nitrites, amines, and phosphates.

Low quality of the brake fluid can cause an accident. So we recommend choosing products manufactured by our company and tested in more than 50 countries. Brake fluids of AutoChemie Bitterfeld GmbH are the combination of innovative technologies and fair price!