Ablagerungen und der Bodensatz gebildet werden. Solche Ablagerungen k├Ânnen technische Probleme verursachen. The additive for Glycsol antifreezes is a special development of scientists based on the multi-year experience of the AutoChemie Bitterfeld GmbH team. However pure the antifreeze is, it still contains components that stick to the inner surface of the cooling system and form the scale and deposit at high temperature. Such deposits may cause technical problems.

The Glycsol additive is designed to fulfil two main functions:

  1. Cleaning of the cooling system. Special additives remove already formed deposits by dispersing their particles in the antifreeze, and also prevent from the formation of stones and incrustation by stable protection of metals and alloys against corrosion.
  2. Protection of all cooling system metals against corrosion is guaranteed by a set of corrosion inhibitors based on the composition of mono- and dicarboxylic acid salts (carboxylate technology). In addition, a copper corrosion inhibitor is also present in the coolant. They create a thin protective film on the surface of the cooling system and inhibitors are used only if corrosion seats occur. Thus, they can be considered as used in very small quantities, since the antifreeze removes corrosion only in the place where it occurred. Due to such properties, coolants with the Glycsol additive have prolonged service life, up to 250 thousand km for vehicles and 650 thousand km for trucks (5 years).

High-quality antifreezes manufactured by AutoChemie Bitterfeld GmbH, with the addition of the set of new generation Glycsol additives are designed for cooling systems of combustion engines of all modern vehicles. Our own research laboratory and multi-year experience allow our specialists to create innovative products of the highest quality, which can satisfy any request.