Alpha Triventol


The Alpha-Triventol additive system is an exclusive development of the innovation department of AutoChemie Bitterfeld GmbH. Multi-year tests have allowed to create a general-purpose and effective additive composed of optimally balanced three (Tri) groups of preventive components. Using the advanced technologies of metal passivation, the scientists managed to create a unique set of additives based on the principle of synergy. Synergy makes it possible to use the resources of preventing additives to the maximum extent, i. e. the joint mutually reinforcing action of several agents in solving the problem.

The set of Alpha Triventol additives consists of the following:

  1. The first group of preventing agents making 45 % of the scope provides anti-corrosion, anti-cavitation and anti-foam protection.
  2. The second group of additives performs the functions of lubrication and protection against cracking and leaks (30 % of the scope).
  3. The third group optimizes temperature characteristics (25 % of the scope).

Features of Alpha Triventol:
The use of the Alpha Triventol additives effectively avoids problems specific to the entire cooling system of the vehicle. Parts, especially a pump and radiator, operate under comfortable conditions and this increases significantly their life cycle.
Alpha Triventol prolongs the service life of the antifreeze without changing the efficiency. The Alpha Triventol additive returns the coolant resources, and thus, reduces the time for complete replacement of the antifreeze. In addition, the additive set reduces significantly the corrosion, and restores the anticorrosive and low-temperature properties of cooling fluids.