Myths about Motor oil

We decided to figure out where the truth is, and where is the fiction
Myths about Motor oil

There are some misconceptions about engine oil. How to choose motor oil for your car, how often to change, how to determine the quality of products. We decided to figure out where the truth is, and where is the fiction.

Myth No1 If the engine oil has darkened, it must be urgently changed.
If you drove less than a thousand kilometers, and the oil turned dark. In reality, this is not a cause for concern. The engine oil darkens due to the fact that it contains detergents that dissolve products of incomplete combustion of fuel. It is thanks to the additives that the engine is kept clean and protection from pollution is ensured. How quickly the oil changes color depends on the quality of the fuel, the conditions of operation of the vehicle.

Myth No2 The oil change period can be determined independently.
Only a vehicle manufacturer can set the recommended engine oil replacement time. These recommendations are the key to the correct decision.

Myth No3 You can independently determine the period of replacement of oil.
The recommended oil change intervals are set by car manufacturers, and these instructions are the main thing to be guided by when making such a decision. Exceptions are possible, but there must be compelling reasons for this - for example, when the filled oil contains the maximum permissible amount of suspended particles.

Myth No4 Oil change intervals are the same for all types of vehicles.
In fact, for passenger cars, the values of the replacement intervals are quite close, but for each model they can vary - at the discretion of the manufacturer of a particular car brand. Regarding commercial vehicles, the question of the frequency of oil changes depends on the mode of operation and may vary significantly. For example, for some - 23-30 thousand kilometers, and for others - right up to 100 thousand kilometers.

Myth No5 It is not necessary to change the oil regularly.
In reality - if you miss the replacement of motor oil, the formation of deposits will occur much faster. As a result, this will lead to slower circulation of engine oil and a significant deterioration in engine lubrication, and accordingly - to increase its wear, and in the future to serious engine damage.

Myth No6 Only mineral oil is suitable for old cars.
In reality, when synthetic motor oils first appeared, they gained good popularity. In the case of use with old cars may form small leaks. If the machine has been working on mineral oil for a long time, it is necessary to clean the engine from oil residues when changing oil when changing oil.

Myth No7 The price indicates the high quality of the oil.
If the engine oil does not suit your car, it can cause significant damage to the engine of the car. Moreover, the negative effects will appear much faster than with the use of cheap oil, suitable for tolerances. So the main and primary criterion when choosing oil should be exactly the instructions in the service book.