Hydraulic oils

Silver Wheel is high-quality hydraulic oils of new generation. Lubricants can be used in hydraulic mechanisms of all kinds. Thanks to multi-year researches at the scientific center of AutoChemie Bitterfeld GmbH, an absolutely new formula of hydraulic oil was created. Corrosion and oxidation inhibitors, as well as anti-foam and anti-wear additives are provided in oils, thereby ensuring the increased level of protection. Oils have a low friction coefficient rated for year-round money-saving maintenance and meet most of the manufacturers’ requirements.

Silver Wheel hydraulics is characterized by excellent viscous stability, resistance to aging, ensures the reliable protection of lubricated surfaces. The improved formula of hydraulic oils used high-quality additives which ensure their usability under extremely severe conditions. Silver Wheel oils are hydraulic oils with high efficiency and excellent anti-wear characteristics. They meet a wide range of requirements.