Antifreezes & Coolants

Silver Wheel antifreezes comply with international standards and meet the requirements of many vehicle manufacturers. Products are characterized by low-temperature properties, high calorific capacity throughout their service life. The multi-year researches allowed creating an innovative formula of antifreeze, which ensures the reliable protection against overheating and corrosion. Based on the multi-year experience and high-capacity production facilities, AutoChemie Bitterfeld GmbH guarantees the perfect quality of its coolants.

Antifreezes are manufactured using the innovative technologies and high-quality raw materials, with modern additives, which increase significantly the efficiency and functionality of the product. Good frost resistance together with the high boiling point also protects the motor at very low and high temperatures. We use premium additives to ensure the optimal protection against corrosion for all metals and alloys, including aluminum. Due to the patented additives of new type, both high-class corrosion protection of motors with metal and aluminum parts, and good protection against cavitation are ensured.