Motor oils

MüllerÖl is a line of motor oils created by the recognized German technologies and quality traditions. MüllerÖl oils are manufactured at an up-to-date European factory, which applies innovative solutions and modern equipment. Motor oils combine the requirements of the global leading vehicle manufacturers and classic German production technologies.

Thanks to the special technology, motor oil molecules significantly reduce the motor component wear not only at cold start-up and warm-up, but also under conditions of temperature fluctuations. Creating an additional protective layer on the motor surfaces, oil molecules respond to changing operating conditions. In addition to motor oils for vehicles, the line includes gear and hydraulic oils for cars and commercial vehicles, as well as a number of other specialized products. AutoChemie Bitterfeld GmbH produces oils for various types of motors and satisfies completely the needs of the current market in terms of price and quality.

Below are the advantages of MüllerÖl motor oils:

  • - Reliable protection of all motor mechanisms against wear.
  • - Guaranteed motor cleanliness.
  • - Anti-corrosion properties, thermal and oxidation stability even under very severe operating conditions.

Prompt lubrication of motor parts after cold start increases significantly the service life of the motor.