Hydraulic oils

A series of all-season E-Tec hydraulic oils ensures the excellent protection and stable operation of hydraulic systems and drives of high pressure stationary and mobile machinery (trucks, buses, excavators, cranes and other equipment). E-Tec lubricating fluids ensure uniform lubrication of mechanism parts, reduce friction, hereby prolonging the “life” and durability of the equipment. Long-term researches allowed us to improve the formula of hydraulic oils, due to the addition of special impurities that increase the efficiency. E-Tec hydraulic oils have a wide range of operating temperatures; they retain their properties for a long period of time and meet all the ecological standards.

The use of innovative technologies in the production of hydraulic oils ensures good anti-corrosion characteristics, high viscosity index and oxidation resistance, and temperature and chemical stability. The use of the modern additive set allows achieving excellent anti-wear characteristics, high resistance to oxidation and reliable protection against corrosion. The ability to conduct comprehensive laboratory researches makes out hydraulic oils meet the requirements of many largest vehicle manufacturers. The unique features of E-Tec products allow us to choose the oil that is right for your vehicle.

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