Antifreezes & Coolants

E-tec antifreezes are high-quality coolants for up-to-date vehicles. The antifreeze composition had been thoroughly developed at the research center of AutoChemie Bitterfeld GmbH for many years. The use of innovative global technologies, introduction of advanced developments allow creating unique products in the E-tec anti-freeze line, which ensure an extremely high level of protection and long service life of the motor. Antifreezes are manufactured using top grade monoethylene glycol, specifically purified water and multifunctional synergistic additive set Alpha Triventol. The set has been developed at the research center in Germany and includes the most progressive global practices.

Antifreezes are recommended for use in motors of all types. The use of our company’s coolants ensures the efficient protection of all motor parts. Antifreeze well protects against corrosion all parts of the cooling system, including the cooling jacket of the cylinder unit, radiator, water pump and thermostat. It is characterized by low foaming ability and excellent lubrication. The antifreeze protects the engine against overheating due to its excellent calorific capacity, as well as against freezing due to low-temperature impregnations. It complies with the standards of vehicle manufacturers placed for modern coolants. The antifreeze advantages have already been evaluated in 50 countries of the world, thanks to its efficient characteristics. Coolants meet the requirements of international and national standards, and correspond to the levels of vehicle manufacturers.

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