Brake fluids

We present to your attention innovative E-TEC brake fluids. When developing the formula of brake fluids, AutoChemie Bitterfeld GmbH specialists took into account all the parameters to achieve the maximum efficiency and versatility and they made the product a compulsory component in a wide variety of process systems.

Brake fluids consist of mixed polyglycol ethers, in combination with highly efficient additives and inhibitors. The recipe with low moisture content prevents from the formation of steam plugs. E-tec brake fluids are characterized by excellent lubricating and anti-wear properties, and high physical and chemical stability. Excellent fluidity at low temperatures and high boiling point provide a wide temperature range of application and minimize the likelihood of steam plugs formation. They have improved anti-wear properties, and high physical and chemical stability.

The use of E-tec brake fluids guarantees the perfect operation of the braking system for 2 years. They are fully compatible with all types of metals, alloys, seal materials and pipelines used in braking systems of vehicles.

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