Motor oil 4T 350 10W-50
Motor oil 4T 350 10W-50
Motor oil 4T 350 10W-50
  • 1 L
  • 4 L
  • 5 L
Motor oil 4T 350 10W-50

- provides excellent protection of gears and wet grip from wear, corrosion and oxidation;

- recommended for all modern and later engines.

emi-synthetic engine oil for demanding 4-stroke motorcycles, for heavy-duty use. The use of oil allows to save fuel, raises working capacity, and is specially designed for additional lubrication of joints.

Recommendations for use:

- Especially suitable as a high-performance engine oil for all motorcycles, JASO MA2, in the absence of specification requirements T904: 2006 SAE 10W-50;

- meets the high-tech requirements of the latest generation of high-performance engines;

- When choosing oil, the recommendations of the vehicle manufacturer should be followed;